Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MBTA service heat map

As a quick follow-up to "experiments in mapping transit frequency" I've redrawn the data using a heatmap overlay on Google Maps. This looks a bit better. Sadly, the heatmap option in Google Fusion is too primitive to be used for this purpose.


  1. I've created sotmg similar that shows where you can get to from any stop at any time, with closer stops showing as 'hotter'. This is useful if you are trying to find a place to live that is quickly accessible from work at the end of the day, for example. See it at

  2. Could you tell me more about how your accomplished this? I'd like to replicate it.

    1. It's been 5 years but... I believe that I counted number of services calling at each stop using the GTFS imported into a database. Then I plotted each stop on a map using the coordinates provided in GTFS, and brought that into the Google Maps heatmap library (of 2012) with the intensity set by the number of services calling at the stop.


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