Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MBTA plans service cuts and fare increases

The big story today is that the MBTA has published their proposal to cover a $161 million budget gap by cutting service and raising fares. They have put forth two scenarios: the first one raises fares higher, and the second one cuts back buses further. Both will end weekend and late-night service on the Commuter Rail, as well as weekend service on the "E" branch and the Mattapan line, among other things.

The broken forward funding legislation, from over ten years ago, continues to put the squeeze on public transportation in this state. There will be 20 public meetings, and opportunities for the public to comment on this proposal. It's time to get the Big Dig debt off the MBTA. Please try to write to the MBTA and attend these meetings if you can, and also write your state representatives.

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