Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Response from MBTA

I sent my comments by e-mail on January 5th. Today, I received this response:
Dear Matthew, 
Thank you for your comments on the proposed fare and service changes for the MBTA. We have reviewed your comments regarding the proposed fare increases. In FY2013, the MBTA is facing a budget deficit of more than $161 million. To balance our budget, the MBTA has proposed a combination of fare and service changes. In crafting these changes, our goal has been to find the best solution for the most people. 
The MBTA has not raised fares since 2007. In both of the proposed fare and service change scenarios, MBTA fares would remain below transit prices at other major US transit agencies such as New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC. 
Your comments will be considered as we determine the final proposal for fare and service changes. We also welcome you to attend one of the more than 20 upcoming public meetings on fare and service changes. For meeting times, locations, and updates on proposed fare and service changes please visit mbta.com/jointhediscussion
Jonathan R. Davis
General Manager
I wonder what took them so long to send out this obviously canned response. The biggest meeting was yesterday. Did they wait until now to open their mailbox?

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