Monday, January 30, 2012

Stupid wastes of money

Part 1 in this never-ending series:

The 57 bus travels from Watertown Yard through Brighton, Allston, and down Commonwealth Avenue until Kenmore Square. The penultimate stop on this route is at Blanford Street on Boston University's campus. It is also the site of the nicest bus stop on the route.

Not only does it have a new sign (showing the Stop ID number!) but it also gets a brand new shelter. This would all be wonderful except for the simple fact that the bus route terminates one block further, in Kenmore Square. In the past, this stop used to be listed as "drop-off only" but that disappeared at some point. Why did the MBTA have a bus shelter built here, instead of at heavily used stops such as Harvard Avenue or Packard's Corner? How did such a waste come about?

About the only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that this might be used as a shuttle bus stop for the Green Line during substitute busing service. But that's a rare occurrence and they haven't shown the same consideration at other more popular stops nearby.

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