Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guess the author!

Don't have much time, but, came across a curious set of quotes in a book I was reading.
"In every city throughout the country and in the sprawling suburbs surrounding the larger cities, traffic is piling up in swollen gasoline gullies, throttling industry, commerce and business; blocking street cleaning, fire and police apparatus; endangering the lives of men and women going to work, of mothers pushing baby carriages, and of children going to and from schools and playgrounds." 
"Fully half of all traffic deaths are due to speed. Cars have become more dangerous than wars." 
"The traffic accident cost to this nation is almost beyond belief." 
"[Regarding railroad crossings at grade] It is the highway, not the railroad--the car, not the train--which creates the hazard and must be primarily responsible for its [the grade crossing] removal."
Anyone want to take a guess who wrote these words?

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  1. I'm going to guess Kunstler, but I'm probably wrong.


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