Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow daze

Spotted this while passing through -- first snow of the year and it's still fun for bicicle snow man
Blizzard returns streets to people
Best way of getting around now
No revenue service, but trains clearing snow still need a second operator apparently!
A space taken by automobiles returned to the people for one day.

Headed for the hills
Second best way of getting around in the snow (after skiing)

Such a strong desire line @ Naples Rd that people climb mounds of snow to use it
Snow soccer in what is regularly a dangerous intersection
Walking is the dominant mode of transportation on Comm Ave
Even on the deteriorating highway overpass, with tiny sidewalks
Guess who the city doesn't care about!
I could not navigate this canyon
Not a flake on the ground for drivers, however!
The bus stop is starting to disappear beneath the mounds of snow
Beautiful nearly dry pavement for motorists -- slush for people walking.
Cambridge Street overpass of I-90 is even less friendly in a blizzard
Sidewalk's gone
All that remains of the Framingham line
That Kenmore Square crosswalk STILL hasn't been cleared out
Park your car on the sidewalk and avoid shoveling snow! City says: "No violation found" either.
Relics of civilization pasT
Ah screw it
The Green Line is canceled and now what?
Snow tracks
Free (illegal) parking deemed more important than transit
Let's build a mountain of snow on the tracks!
The mountain is moving faster than the Green Line: faster than zero
The 57 cannot handle the load even late at night
Naples Rd desire line strong as ever, no matter what
They're waiting for the shuttle bus that may never come