Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Epic Journey Across Ruggles Street at Southwest Corridor Park

I've been gathering footage around town with my digital camera. Here's my first attempt at creating a video, about a poorly-timed signalized crosswalk near Ruggles Station:


  1. Yeah, but it's Boston. Like anyone actually waits for that. I guess we know where bikes and pedestrians rank, right about with the Silver Line at D Street.

  2. I'm not surprised that healthy individuals (including myself) don't bother to wait. There's also an unsignalized crosswalk about one block northwest, ironically.

    But the walk signal is meant to be a guide and assistant to people who have difficulty walking, or physical impairments, as well. The sight line to the left is poor, due to a bend. Someone in a wheelchair will likely have to wait the full duration. That's not right.

    And of course, the time wasted by buses trying to get in and out of one of the busiest bus stations in the region.

  3. I count a grand total of 24 cars going by in that interval. But hey, apparently delaying even one or two of them for 15 seconds would bring about the trafficpocalypse and cause the end of the world. Or something.

  4. I wonder if a signal is even warranted there. It seems like if it were simply an unsignalized crossing and the busway was just a stop sign, everyone would proceed with much less delay.

    1. It's difficult to see cars coming from the left, not sure if that can be addressed with physical changes.

      At the very least, if they are forcing people to push a button, the response time should be within 15 seconds.

      Not 130.

  5. What's even better is that during rush hour the green light is actually long enough to allow the line of cars waiting for the Tremont Street and Leon Street lights to start backing up across of the crosswalk (which, incidentally, makes jaywalking a lot easier).


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