Sunday, July 26, 2015

Affordable housing money wasted on pointless parking spaces

Just a quick blog post on something I noticed yesterday. A quote from a letter filed with the BRA regarding a new project on Telford Street:
At the recently constructed Charlesview project across Western Avenue from the Telford Street project site, the fully occupied 240 unit residential development has about 180 spaces of its 248 space parking garage used. Since there is no additional fee for parking above monthly leases at Charlesview, these numbers represent a true parking demand of about 0.74 spaces per unit.
Think about how much affordable housing money has been wasted on these luxurious accommodations for automobiles -- which aren't even being utilized.



  1. Affordable housing for cars is the most important affordable housing of all it seems. Who cares about people?

  2. It's even more ridiculous that they are forcing people who don't own cars to subsidize the parking they are not using through their rent. Perhaps Charlesview can rent out some of the unused parking to other people who live nearby and give people who don't have a cars a break on their rent.

    1. I think that the way affordable housing law works that's probably not the case. The tenants are probably paying 30% of their income regardless of the expenses. The cost of the wasted parking is borne by the government (ergo the taxpayer).


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